How to convince the recruiter in three minutes


When seeking employment, you cannot dismiss any appeal. On the contrary, given the increasing competition ideally count on the highest possible tools.

If a candidate, detailing the web CNN Expansion, and impeccable curriculum shows its qualities and soon convinces increases your chances of getting employment, as the recruiter an impression of each applicant in one minute is formed, according to a Career Center study from Ohio State University.

When people explain "what it does and what stands tends to focus too much on operational things, not relevant data. Sometimes they give too much detail about why they want a change of employment. These minutes should focus them on your personal sales, "cites the medium Patricia Noriega, a psychologist and specialist recruitment shops.

The speech, the key

Noriega notes that the relevant information of a candidate must be summarized in less than five minutes; to achieve this is helpful to practice the art Elevator Pitch, ie prepare a speech with sufficient information in the time it takes an elevator up a few floors.

The U.S. firm entrepeneurs Collegiate Organization, responsible for ensuring national Elevator Pitch competition, says CNN Expansion, that 80 percent of the success of the tool depends on the first few seconds, because we have to start with concepts or sentences longer see the passion of the person for a topic.

But do not confuse. This is not to bombard the recruiter with data or technical issues; seeks to give a brief description of yourself, why you've highlighted and lĂ­galo your passion with some professional activity.

In short, the foundation of a good elevator pitch is who you are, what you excel and promising something close. Noriega proposed: "I am this person, I worked many years in this industry and sales have thought that such a strategy could help boost customers in that industry."

If you have a suitable speech about promotion, you can not only find a job, but can be useful in other environments where there who can recommend your work, the project manager at ProEmpleo Foundation, said Adolfo Maldonado turn.

But the speech is much more efficient if accompanied by a safe body language. Four out of 10 interviewers give much weight to the voice of the candidate, the poll Career Center.
Another worrying point is that to make his presentation, seven out of 10 professionals do not look at the eyes of the recruiter. Avoid this type of behavior, limits CNN Expansion.

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